By a license we mean a permit issued by the competent public authority allowing an individual or a legal entity to carry out a particular activity or operations.

State regulation of business activity through the application of certain licensing procedures affects virtually all companies. This is of particular importance to us and to our clients as anyone carrying out an activity without the appropriate license or in breach of licensing standards and regulations is liable both under administrative law and penal legislation. Furthermore, any income received from the unlicensed conduct of an activity requiring a license is subject to confiscation by the state.

The conduct of an activity requiring a license is permissible only if a license has been obtained.

Sayat Zholshy & Partners regularly provides legal assistance to clients obtaining licenses, consents and approvals from public authorities. We not only explain the theory of licensing legislation through advice, recommendations and legal opinions, but also offer practical assistance in the preparation of the necessary documents and represent our clients in their dealings with the relevant authorities.

Our services include:

Industry licensing for:

  • (technical) project design and/or mining;
  • prospecting for oil, gas, oil and gas condensate and other minerals;
  • production of oil, gas, oil and gas condensate;
  • blasting operations in the course of mining activity;
  • oil and gas well-logging;
  • oil and gas well blasting operations;
  • drilling of oil, gas wells, including offshore and on inland lakes;
  • well servicing and maintenance, dismantling of equipment and units, installation of  pulling unit;
  • post-repair tests on boreholes;
  • flushing, cementing, testing and development of wells;
  • increasing the production rate of oil reservoirs and the production capacity of oil wells;
  • maintenance of gas, oil and petroleum product storage facilities (oil and gas storage tanks, oil/gas cargo piers, petroleum-storage depots, gasoline service stations,  gas-filling stations, road tankers and gas cylinder collection points):
  • the acceptance, draining, filling, storage and release of flammable and combustible liquids, liquefied and flammable gases (except where this is not subject to separate licensing procedures);
  • maintenance of gas mains and oil pipelines;
  • operation of equipment, booster stations, reserve storage facilities and inline units of gas mains and oil pipelines, as well as processing equipment and underground gas storage facilities;
  • maintenance, repair (preventive maintenance, visual inspections, control of technical condition, diagnosing the condition of welded joints, connections and mountings) of the main pipelines as well as of basic and auxiliary equipment;
  • diagnosing the condition of booster station equipment and inline units of main pipelines, including submerged crossings;
  • maintenance of electrochemical protection against corrosion;
  • assembly (the assembly, set-up or installation of  structures, processing equipment, units, machines, appliances and other tools made up of pre-fabricated parts, units, components or facilities);
  • repair work (diagnosing problems, restoring technical devices to good working order, replacing components, repairing and making good). 

Licensing in the field of architecture, urban development and construction for:

  • design and exploration work.
  • building and construction work.
  • manufacture of building materials, products and structures (except for products requiring certification).
  • consulting and engineering services in the field of architecture, urban development and construction.

Licensing in the field of nuclear power for:

  • handling nuclear materials, sources of radiation (other than X-ray units used for medical purposes) and radioactive materials; 
  • provision of services in the field of nuclear power;
  • transportation, including transit traffic, of nuclear materials, radioactive materials, radioisotopic sources of ionizing radiation, radioactive waste within Kazakhstan.

Licensing in the field of medical care for:

  • medical care from a medical practitioner;
  • pharmaceutical activity: production, manufacture, wholesale and retail sale of pharmaceutical drugs.

Licensing in the field of services offered to individuals and legal entities for:

  • advocacy:
  • notary services;
  • audit services;
  • works and services in the field of environmental protection;
  • organizing for members of the Kazakhstani workforce to travel abroad for work;
  • operating tours, running a travel agency, offering training courses in tourism.

Licensing in the field of finance for:

  • banking operations;
  • insurance;
  • trade in securities and other financial instruments.

Licensing in the field of production and supply of alcohol and alcohol products for:

  • production of alcoholic beverages:
  • storage of, wholesale and/or retail trading in alcohol beverages, other than activities relating to the storage, wholesale and/or retail trade in alcohol products in the country where they were produced.

Permits and consents:

  • permits from supervisory bodies for the use of foreign equipment;
  • obtaining opinions and consents from governmental authorities in relation to the aforementioned licences;
  • assistance in obtaining access to facilities where foreigners are not normally admitted;
  • preparation of documents prior to consent or notification from the antimonopoly authorities;
  • registration and re-registration of pharmaceutical drugs;
  • registration and de-registration of motor cars and trailers;
  • preparing reports on the surrender and reissue of licences from governmental authorities.


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