Areas of Practice

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

M&A experience of Sayat Zholshy & Partners is unique. Our M&A practice comprises such services as initiation, preparation, structuring, execution, implementation and closure of M&A transactions.


Litigation and Arbitration

Sayat Zholshy & Partners offers a full range of services for representation of our clients in Kazakhstan courts of all instances, as well as referee and arbitration courts.

Subsurface use

The oil industry is, without a doubt, of huge importance to the economy of Kazakhstan. The management of natural resources and, in particular, subsurface use (mining and oil and gas) are the backbone of Kazakhstan's economy, in which many seek to invest. The representation of investors in their dealings with the State thus occupies a very special position in the practice of Sayat Zholshy & Partners.



Nearly all issues addressed to us by our clients require a tailored approach depending on a specific project.  However, we attend to "standard" orders as well.
Our Firm has an extensive experience in the legal support of entities facing bankruptcy (both voluntary and forced). We provide a comprehensive legal support of any complex bankruptcy procedures.

Licenses, approvals of the governmental authorities 

Sayat Zholshy & Partners regularly provides legal assistance to clients obtaining licenses, consents and approvals from public authorities. We not only explain the theory of licensing legislation through advice, recommendations and legal opinions, but also offer practical assistance in the preparation of the necessary documents and represent our clients in their dealings with the relevant authorities.


Intellectual Property

Intellectual property rights have been actively developing in Kazakhstan since 1992/1993 and have acquired particular relevance thanks to the emergence of phenomena such as unfair competition, the unlawful use of another's property, infringement of rights of business entities, etc.. In practice, intellectual property rights are breached just as often as more conventional property rights.

Labour Law

The environment favourable for a harmonious relationship between an employer and employee ensures the reliable and sound operation of a company.  We provide our legal advice to those companies where such relationship is disturbed and we use our best endeavours to restore the harmony.  Our Firm has an extensive experience in the settlement of labour law issues with which our clients have to deal, one way or another.


Corporate Law

Nearly all corporate law issues addressed to us by our clients require a tailored approach depending on a specific project.  However, we attend to "standard" orders as well.  Most often, we deal with corporate law issues raised by foreign companies who need our guidance in selection of the best appropriate form of doing business in Kazakhstan.

Work Permits

Obtaining work permits for foreign employees is one of the key issues faced by foreign companies in Kazakhstan.  From our practice we know that some foreign companies neglected the foreign work permit procedure or performed it improperly and, as a result, their expatriates were expelled from Kazakhstan, the companies failed to fulfil their contractual obligations and, eventually, their business was terminated in our country.  Any labour activities carried on in Kazakhstan without appropriate permits might entail administrative penalties and deportation from Kazakhstan, as well as the refusal of government authorities to issue foreign work permits for such employers in future.


Tax Law

Our lawyers have considerable experience in the provision of legal services in the field of tax legislation, including written consultations on tax planning, exposure of tax risks and potential liabilities, the incurrence or avoidance of tax liabilities as a result of entering into certain civil law transactions, the application of international double taxation conventions, and the taxation of nonresidents. Given the complexity and ambiguity of tax legislation, we are constantly requested by our clients to represent them in appeals against the actions and decisions of tax authorities, including through the courts.

Antitrust Law

This area of expertise covers our legal support of any projects subject to the public regulation under the Kazakhstan antitrust law.


 Criminal Law 

When life's unfortunate events force you to interact with prosecuting agencies and criminal judges, Sayat Zholshy & Partners is your go-to law firm. We have all the qualities you would want to see in your criminal defense counsel. We are a unique team of mature licensed attorneys who speak your language, have top-ranked western education, and are admitted to criminal lawyer practice. You can always rely on our excellent criminal defense capabilities, decades of legal experience, and detailed understanding of local regulations.



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